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  •   Trevor Vincett

Since sailing as a boy with my father around the East coast of England and taking my BOT Coastal Yachtmaster ticket, I have skippered Yachts, both sail and power, fishing vessels and other small commercial vessels, mostly tugs. I was skipper of the three masted topsail schooner  ‘Charlotte Rhodes’ during the filming of the popular BBC TV series ‘The Onedin Line’.

In the 70s I worked with Peter Haward, the father of modern delivery and over the subsequent years I have voyaged more than 300,000 miles in European, North and South Atlantic, Caribbean, North American west coast from Panama to Alaska, east coast from Florida to New England waters as well as the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean and South China Sea. Recently I have sailed in the South Pacific, Australian, Indonesian and Malaysian waters.

Along the way I have upgraded my qualifications through Yachtmaster Offshore and now hold a Yachtmaster Ocean certificate and am a qualified Ocean Instructor.

I have fished commercially around the English, Scottish and Irish coasts as well as in and around the Falkland Islands.

I have experienced severe weather and know how to deal with it. I am confident of my ability but never underestimate what the sea can throw at me. I have lived a life at sea. At all times I endeavour to maintain a seamanlike approach to all my voyages short or long. I undertake to complete the voyage speedily whilst never taking unnecessary risks and at all times taking great care of the vessel.

Delivered craft will arrive in good time, in good order and clean throughout.


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