Plymouth to Corfu Plymouth to Corfu Tallulah Ruby In a very quiet Lipari 192061461 Following sea Off Cabo Vilano 192061457 Hitchiking migrant Willow Warbler onboard. 192068622 Nazare Canyon Good Navionics chart of the 'Deep' 192068623 Hitchiker Pigeon 192068624 Gibraltar Casino Cruise ship 192068625 Gibraltar Night time from Marina Bay 192068626 Europa Point The lighthouse and the Mosque 192068627 Ibiza Old Town Taken from the fuel dock at Marina Ibiza 192068628 Alicudi Why live there? 192068959 Etna snow covered Rare sight from Lipari past Volcano Island 192068957 Italy's Toe Calabrian south coast 192068958 Unexpected hitchiker Sixsquid! 192068961 Sunset Ionian Sea 192068960 Landfall in poor weather Island north of Corfu 192069057 Kekira Corfu Hot and sunny not!! 192061458 Unusual Greek weather In full kit even in late April 192061459 Stalwart crew Still well wrapped up 192061460 Corfu Old Town 192069058 Yacht Club Looking down from the Old Fort 192069059 Towards the north From the Old Fort 192069060 Sailing Club The Old Fort 192069061